Andrea Clemencio

Senior Engineer, GM BluePlan Engineering Ltd. Andrea is a licensed engineer with 29 years experience contributing and learning in three levels of Canadian government and all sectors of industry. She helps municipalities and organizations identify, solve and implement solutions in people, process and built infrastructure challenges. She is a regular contributor in various engineering publications and social media.

About this speaker

Andrea is a Senior Engineer with GM BluePlan Engineering Ltd., working on the Asset Management and Strategic Advisory teams. She has worked in and consulted for all sectors in compliance, engineering and utility management, ranging from mop manufacturing to hydro utilities to corn starch production and federal prisons. With a special passion for municipal water & wastewater, Andrea was on the team that brought in the new Ontario drinking water regime. As a former Director of Public Works, she led her staff and department through challenging times, and now in her more recent consulting role, is regularly relied upon to bring a senior, municipal or strategic perspective to client assignments. ­Andrea has written articles for the APWA Reporter magazine, Women in Engineering blogs and workshops, Environmental Science and Engineering Magazine and a variety of conferences.


Effective Asset Management in Utilities

31 March 2021, 02:15 PM
Andrea Clemencio Lena Dianda