Janet McKenzie

AET Group Inc., AET Group Inc. University of Guelph, B.Sc.(Hon) EP (Certified Environmental Auditor) EP (Environmental Management System Lead Auditor) EP Licensed Trainer for Environmental Legislation & Management Systems Lead Auditor for ISO 45001 H&S Management System

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Janet McKenzie is Director of Environmental Services at AET Group (AET). Janet is an environmental specialist with experience primarily in environmental management and regulatory compliance. Her 25 years of experience with environmental management systems in various industrial sectors has given Janet invaluable work experience and innate insight into many standards, such as ISO 14001, ISO 45001, Drinking Water Quality Management Standard and the Integrated Pest Management certification program. Responsibilities have included lead auditor, audit team member, implementation facilitator, project coordination, and technical support. Janet has also taught at the Environmental Management Systems Course, School of Environment, Enterprise and Development a the University of Waterloo, sharing her environmental management system experience and knowledge for a term with the second year students.

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